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We specialize in brand new home development, construction, renovation, interior design, and remodeling. We also provide services such as staging, 3D mapping and interior design. If you have any needs when it comes to home constuction, odds are we will find a way to accomodate your needs!

Since 2011, IRACA has been in the construction & home building business across greater vancouver. We have won multiple awards across the British Columbia as well as Canada for our quality of work as well as quality for money spent.

Yes we are licensed and have followings different types of insurance for different aspects of the work we do to guarantee our clients peace of mind:

  • Liability insurance of $5,000,000 for all of our Renovation and building projects.
  • Home Pacific Warranty for new houses.
  • WCB insurance for site safety.

There are many references across  our website and projects section. We also provide more depending on the location and type of a house. Click here to see our work!

We specialize to build Luxury single family houses. Our mottos is “Affordable Luxury” and that is the standard we strive to keep everyday.

IRACA always encourages clients to tell us their design wishes. The better we understand what they wish to have in their new home the better we can design their plans. In fact for their convenience, IRACA provides several interactive questionnaires to assist clients to quickly prepare their design needs and send them to IRACA.  In IRACA’s experience the key to success has always been effective communication with clients. In order to reach this goal IRACA has developed many visual and automatic processes for receiving client feedback and keeping them informed every step of the project. IRACA believes the sooner this channel of communication is built the more beneficial it will be for the valued clients. Therefore, IRACA strongly recommends the client contact IRACA as early as possible, even before purchasing a property so they can take advantage of IRACA’s experience to maximize the their construction project output. IRACA understands that it is not easy to visualize the construction designs so at the design stage IRACA builds a 3D models for each floor to make sure all details are accounted for and nothing is overlooked. Based on the client’s feedback, the 3D model will be revised as many times as required in order to reach the final practical product which satisfies the client’s needs.  The 3D model will be very cost effective for the client and dramatically reduces the cost of the project.

Yes, we offer 2-5-10 Warranty for all of our new home building projects. For definition of the 2-5-10 warranty please refer to the BC Housing Website.

As a rough estimeate, it typically it takes anywhere from 8 to 12 months from the time excavation starts. It depends on many factors such as the municipality, size of the home, and the time of the year when the construction is started. 

For any changes at the time of the construction a “Change Order”, or CO, presenting possible cost and time needed for doing the requested change will be issued and once it is approved by the client it will be applied.

IRACA will prepare a budget estimate along with a timeline for each task of the project before signing a construction agreement.

  • Real Estate Consultation stage: To help clients with finding a desirable home to purchase which is in line with the client’s goals.
  • Design Stage: To assist clients in reaching their appealing design as described in number 6.
  • Permit Stage: IRACA assists clients to prepare and submits all documents so as to fulfill the permit requirements. In addition IRACA submits all documents to the manucipalities on behalf of the customer and prepares the permits for them.
  • Construction Stage: IRACA builds/renovates the home as per the clients request.
  • Staging Stage: In the event that the client intends to sell the property, IRACA can stage the home for them.

All building/renovation stages are getting done by certified subcontractors and according to the municipality and BC Building Code.

Yes, throughout IRACA’s 14+ years of work, IRACA has build up a team of professional and certified subcontractors. These teams are working under the direct supervision of site managers and interior designers/architects the whole time.

Before starting a project, task and cost schedules are prepared and presented to the clients by IRACA’s project management team which is referred to as “Project Management Schedule” or “PMS”.

For each task in PMS clients can visually note:

  • Task description.
  • timeline.
  • tentative time of start and end.
  • approximate budget.
  • tasks dependency.
  • tasks status.
  • task information, including the plans, reports and drawings.

This schedule is cloud base. Therefore, it can be accessible from anywhere and is also alive so clients can be notified about the project progress right away.

IRACA has an in house QAQC (Quality Assurance and Quality Control) program in place. This program will make sure that through effective training, documentation, monitoring, and detail inspection of each stage in construction process the quality remains the same.

IRACA incorporates various designs, features, and technologies that maximize comfort and functionality while minimizing energy use and environmental effect in their houses. Here are some important characteristics that may be found in IRACA homes, depending on the project budget and condition:

  • Passive solar design: The house is built to limit heat gain during the summer and to maximize the use of natural sunlight for heating during the winter.

  • Proper insulation: To lessen heat transfer through walls, ceilings, and floors, high quality insulation is required. This lessens the demand for heating and cooling while assisting in maintaining a constant interior temperature.

  • Energy-efficient windows and doors: To improve overall energy efficiency, windows and doors with double or triple glazing, low-emissitivity coatings, and weather-stripping are required to prevent drafts and heat loss.

  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems: The energy efficiency, appropriate size, and usage of programmable thermostats or smart controls should all be taken into consideration when choosing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

  • Renewable energy sources: Utilizing solar energy systems or other renewable energy sources might help balance out electricity usage and lessen dependency on conventional power sources.

  • High-efficiency lighting: Compared to conventional incandescent lights, LED lighting uses substantially less energy and has a far longer lifespan.

  • Energy-efficient appliances.

  • Water efficiency: Low-flow toilets, faucets, and shower heads are just a few examples of fixtures that save water without losing functionality.

  • Rainwater Harvesting: Installing rainwater collecting systems can assist in capturing and storing rainwater for non-potable needs like flushing toilets and watering gardens.

  • Sustainable building materials: Construction can have a less negative environmental impact if it uses recycled, environmentally friendly, and locally obtained materials.

  • Smart Home Technology: By automating lighting, heating, cooling, and other appliances depending on occupancy and preferences, smart home systems and gadgets may optimize energy consumption.

  • Energy Monitoring and Management: Installing energy monitoring devices enables homeowners to keep track of their energy usage and make informed choices on waste reduction.

  • Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality: Implementing an efficient ventilation system guarantees a constant flow of clean air and filters out contaminants, increasing the interior environment’s cleanliness and the health of its occupants.

A client will pay around 15% of the total contract each month at the time of contract signing. The client will get an invoice, and they will have 7 to 15 days to make payment.

The environment will be safe for workers and subcontractors if the site is kept clean. As a result, cleaning will be done often during the construction process, and a thorough cleansing will be done immediately before moving into the house at the end of the project.

Yes, IRACA obtains a Certificate of Occupancy and provides a 2-5-10 warranty for building single-family houses.

Any problems that develop after a house is built will be resolved in accordance with the recommendations made by BC Housing in its “Residential Construction Performance Guide.” The following link will take you to the brochure, which is also available on the BC Housing website:

Yes, IRACA can provide information about regulations and building restrictions.

The location of a structure is crucial while choosing a home. In order to help its clients identify a suitable location for purchasing a house that suits their demands and budget, IRACA maintains a section for “Real Estate Consultation”.

Yes, IRACA thinks that helping clients with the design process would be beneficial to them and save them time and money. To assist the clients see the finished project, IRACA creates a 3D model for each level based on the house plans. Additionally, they are prepared to make as many changes as required to incorporate all of their clients’ wishes into the design.

Based on the WCB standard described in their brochure “Safe Work Practices in Residential Construction,” IRACA has an internal policy in place. The following link will take you to this book:

As soon as IRACA learns of any unanticipated delay, they will immediately notify their clients in writing and detail the duration and potential cost of the delay.

Yes, IRACA will regularly inform all of their clients of daily progress of their project through cloud management tools.

Yes, at the design stage, the option of having a smart technology-based home will be designed and implemented on client’s needs and budget.

Clients will be informed of all the costs at the time of agreement. There will be no extra or hidden costs.

Yes, Through their Interior Design division, IRACA can recommend the reputable and reliable suppliers for finishing materials, fixtures, and appliances. The clients will enjoy the special discounts that IRACA offers as a partner with all the recommended vendors.

Yes, through Renovation Division, IRACA handles any repair or maintenance you need.

For any changes or upgrades during construction, clients will submit a “Change Order” or CO. IRACA will review the order and inform the client of the possible costs and time delay on the project. Once the client approves of the costs and potential delay times, the change or upgrade will be implemented.  

The detailed explanation of obtaining home insurance is in the BC housing website and can be found by clicking on the link below:

IRACA ensures of compliance of building codes and regulations by following below steps:

  • IRACA QAQC protocoles, as explained above.
  • Commissioning professional engineers for structure, building envelope and geotechnical work.
  • Using the certified and reliable subcontractors
  • Working under permit and regular inspection of the project through municipality’s building inspectors.

Following these steps will ensure that all codes and regulations are followed, and no mistakes happens.

IRACA will provide assistance to their clients for energy efficient appliances by introducing them to reliable suppliers.

Yes, there are lots of Google reviews and testimonials on IRACA’s website.

IRACA uses certified geotechnical engineers to deal with the geotechnical issues.

Yes, IRACA will provide a project timeline along with project milestones in the construction agreement.

No, IRACA doesn’t offer any financing options. But they can recommend reliable and experienced banks for your financial needs.

Yes, a tentative cost of construction will be provided to the client within the construction agreement.

In the unlikely circumstance that a conflict happens, IRACA will first try to solve the issues with the client by holding an in-person meeting. The second step will be to hold an arbitration to solve the issue, and the last step will be to refer the case to the legal authorities. 

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