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2023 Georgie Award Winner

2023 Georgie Award Winner

IRACA Triumphs at the 2023 Georgie Awards

IRACA stood out from the competition at the 2023 Georgie Awards by receiving nominations in three prestigious categories: Best Home, Best Kitchen, and Best Master Bedroom. The event was a sparkling celebration of industry leadership in the building and restoration of homes. IRACA won first place in the Best Master Bedroom category of the Georgie Awards, which are given out annually to honour inventiveness, excellence, and workmanship in British Columbia's residential building industry.

A Testament to Exceptional Craftsmanship

The fact that IRACA has been nominated for multiple Georgie Awards in various categories demonstrates their unwavering commitment to excellence in all areas of home design and construction. Each nomination demonstrates the dedication and proficiency of the IRACA team in creating homes that go above and beyond industry standards and pique the interest of both potential homeowners and industry insiders.

Best Home: Redefining Luxury Living

The Best Home category demonstrated IRACA's commitment to redefining luxury living. Every home constructed by IRACA demonstrates a stunning combination of style, utility, and sophistication, from avant-garde architecture to meticulous attention to detail. IRACA's status as a pioneer in the construction of luxury residences is demonstrated by its nomination in this category against some of the most prominent companies in the industry.

Best Kitchen: Elevating Culinary Spaces

Given that the kitchen is often considered the focal point of the home, IRACA's nominations in the Best Kitchen category highlight the company's ability to create kitchen designs that seamlessly blend form and function. IRACA kitchens stand out for their innovative designs, premium materials, and cutting-edge appliances. These features give homeowners the perfect space for entertaining and inventive cooking, in addition to making the kitchens highly functional.

Best Master Bedroom: A Sanctuary of Serenity

In the Best Master Bedroom competition, IRACA triumphed, earning praise from the judges for its excellent craftsmanship and design. IRACA master bedrooms are peaceful havens designed to provide residents with a peaceful retreat from the daily grind. They serve as more than just beds. With their opulent finishes and thoughtful designs, IRACA master bedrooms are the pinnacle of elegance, luxury, and relaxation, and they are really deserving of the prestigious Georgie Award.

A Legacy of Excellence

The Georgie Awards will be held in 2023 to celebrate IRACA's accomplishment. The organization is grateful to all of its partners, clients, and team members who have supported it throughout the years. IRACA emphasizes its commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainability, design, and craftsmanship and setting new standards for excellence in the residential building industry with each award and commendation.

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HAVAN Awards

2023 Havan Award Finalist

Being recognized as a finalist for the HAVAN Award is an incredible accomplishment for us at IRACA Group and demonstrates our commitment to excellence in the house building sector. For more than 20 years, our family-run company, IRACA, has been constructing homes around Metro Vancouver. Our reputation for fine craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and top-notch customer service has endured.

Our dedication to quality is a primary factor in our selection as a HAVAN Award finalist. We make sure that every house we create is of the greatest caliber by using only the best supplies and cutting-edge building methods. From the home's design to the final details, every facet of our work demonstrates our meticulous attention to detail.

Our dedication to innovation is just another factor contributing to IRACA's designation as a HAVAN Award finalist. IRACA has been at the forefront of innovations to the home building business, which is always changing. Our constant pursuit of process and technique improvement has led to some very novel approaches to home building. The IRACA Group continuously pushes the envelope of what's feasible in home building, from energy-efficient designs to state-of-the-art construction techniques.

Lastly, IRACA Group's dedication to providing excellent customer service has earned it a spot as a finalist for the HAVAN Award. We strive to make sure that every client is entirely delighted with the finished product since we recognize that building a home is a substantial financial commitment. From the first meeting until the last walk-through, IRACA Group is committed to giving its customers the best possible support and service.

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HAVAN Awards

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At IRACA Group, we take great satisfaction in always offering A+ Service. We have a history of success for our clients, with numerous award wins—including the esteemed Georgie Award—and numerous nominations. A house is a significant financial and time commitment; as such, it should only be entrusted to a group of experts who take accountability for whatever they do. At IRACA, we not only place our family name but also our company name behind all we do. At IRACA, we have always been family-owned and we stand behind everything we do!

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