Award Winning

Award Winning

Design By Sara

The creator of Alluring Design, an IRACA sister firm that specializes in professional staging, 3D modeling, and interior design, is Sara Rezabaig. Her real estate and construction expertise and understanding are a benefit to Alluring Design. She has participated in and finished a number of fruitful staging projects in the Coquitlam and North Shore regions. She has also designed the interiors of every IRACA custom-built home. Given her vast background in development, she is well-versed in what Vancouver’s current real estate market demands and what will either sell or transform a house into a home. Her ability to supervise during projects and communicate with the builders and artisans has been crucial in making the design phase of every development project productive and pleasurable.


We at Alluring Design are committed to helping you sell your house for a fair price, fast. According to the research, expert staging is important. Our creative staff will concentrate on arranging your house so that it highlights its unique qualities and appeals to a wide range of possible purchasers. We are aware that staging your house improves its appearance both online and in person. Working with IRACA Group on all of their constructions, Alluring Design has amassed a stunning portfolio to highlight their abilities. Through our free consultation process, we can guide you through each step so that you can decide with the best knowledge possible. We provide both fully booked and unbooked staging.

Interior Design

Interior design is Alluring Design’s area of expertise. Your house should, in our opinion, reflect your individuality and sense of style. With their vast backgrounds, our professional interior designers will use their skills and knowledge to craft an environment that is exclusively yours. Our strategy entails open and constant communication as well as a commitment to accomplishing your goals within your means. Alluring Design has collaborated with IRACA Group on all projects and has amassed a strong portfolio to demonstrate their abilities. Set up a free consultation to begin talking about a brand-new idea for your area.

3D Modeling

Aesthetic Design provides 3D modeling. Being a design firm, we are acutely aware of how difficult it may be to translate your vision from paper to reality. Making your vision a 3D model is, in our opinion, an essential first step towards realizing your dreams. Before committing, you may see how all of your ideas come together by using a model. By seeing how the bespoke architectural designs and finishing materials work together, you may avoid making expensive mistakes in design. Distribute your model to banks, builders, customers, and other parties. It’s easy to communicate about your vision when you have your model.

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